Thursday, January 31, 2008

Roskam to host McCain

Does Peter Roskam have any shame? I received an e-mail announcement inviting people to attend a rally on Friday, February 1, for "the next President of the United States", John McCain.

One of Roskam's campaign and congressional themes has been that we need to close off the borders and stop illegal immigration. On his own website ( he call for opposing what he shamelessly and partisanly calls "Ted Kennedy's Senate Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill". There is a CNN quote that if this bill becomes law "it will legalize millions of illegal aliens in this country, and according to the Congressional Budget Office it will cost taxpayers upwards of 100 billion dollars."

Peter is really showing his partisan colors on this one. The real name of the bill? "The Kennedy-McCain Immigration Reform Bill". So, other than being a Republican, what is Peter basing his support of McCain on, and why does he so blatantly leave McCain's name off the bill as listed on his website (as well as Sen. Graham and many other Republican senators who voted for the bill)? Haven't we had enough of this kind of partisanship?

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